Join us for Blockchain Con 2016

London’s 2nd Annual Blockchain Conference.

Go beyond the media HYPE

Find out who’s already using blockchain technology and why

Bitcoin 2.0 won’t be about Bitcoin

Bitcoin & virtual currencies were only the first waves of innovation

London Blockchain Conference 2016
London, UK - January 12th 2016

Join us for London's 2nd Annual Blockchain Conference, focusing on blockchain technology. Beyond the hype of Bitcoin, blockchain technology is becoming an essential tools for financial services start-ups and large corporations. In 2015 we had a full house of senior executives, investors and start-ups. Don't miss out!

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Why Attend?


If we separate Bitcoin, the “brand,” synonymous with media hype and speculation from the elegant transaction technology that creates the underlying structure, we end up in a very interesting place. Blockchain technology eliminates double spending and thus the middle men (banks) from global transactions. Find out what it means for you and why large financial institutions are getting involved early. Hear directly from the people making it happen.



Our events have several opportunities throughout the day to meet with other delegates and speakers. If you are interested in blockchain technology beyond virtual currencies, there’s no better place to discuss the future of financial services.

Whether you’re looking for an inspiration, a new project or investment ideas, there will be something for everyone.

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We have a few slots left for speakers and panelist that are working on interesting projects using the blockchain infrastructure. There are also sponsor and exhibitor opportunities.

We’re especially interested in hearing from economists. Get in touch soon.

Speakers & Agenda will be updated regularly watch this space.


Program Schedule
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08:00 AM -9:20 AM Registration/Breakfast

Join us for breakfast and networking with attendees, organisers and speakers.

Morning Session
09:20 AM -12:05 PM Morning Session

Introduction: Blockchain 101
Adi Ben-Ari – Founder, Applied Blockchain
Blockchain (public) vs blockchain (private)
Anish Mohammad – Advisor, Ripple
George Hallam – External Relations Director, Ethereum
Nick Williamson – CEO & Founder, Pythia / Credits
Jon Matonis – Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation
Enterprise Architecture Panel: Interbank Ledgers and Smart Contracts
Maya Zehavi, Coinsciences (moderator)
Dr. Lee Braine – Investment Bank CTO Office, Barclays
John McLean – CTO Europe & VP, Global Blockchain Labs Engagement, IBM Systems Group.
Anthony Culligan – CEO, SETL
Regulation & Compliance
Andrew McMillan – Corporate Partner, Simmons & Simmons
Paul Ferris – Founding Member, UK Digital Currency Association
Meet The Blockchain Companies
Applied Blockchain
Tally Sticks

12:05 PM -13:45 PM Lunch Break

Lunch & networking session

Afternoon Session
01:45 PM -16:30 PM Afternoon Session

Blockchain for Identity & Security
Anat Elhalal – Lead Technologist, Data Programs, Digital Catapult (moderator)
Alex Batlin – Senior Innovation Manager, UBS
Dr. James Smith – CEO, Elliptic
Tomasz Mloduchowski – Technical Director, Entiq

Investors View of Blockchain
Ed Robinson – Senior Writer, Bloomberg News (moderator)
Eddy Travia – CEO, Coinsilium
Alston Zecha – FinTech Investments & Portfolio Management, Eight Roads

IBM on Blockchain
John McLean – CTO Europe & VP, Global Blockchain Labs Engagement, IBM Systems Group.
Meet The Blockchain Companies
The Future of Blockchain
Dave Elliman – Head of Technology, CTO Office,ThoughtWorks
Judd Bagley – Communications, T0
Edan Yago – CEO, Epiphyte Board Director, Digital Asset Transfer Authority (DATA)
Closing Thoughts

16:30 PM -17:30 PM Aftenoon Networking

Hour and half session to meet the innovators.